Although the increase in the cost of gasoline has become a nightmare for most of us, we have a solution which can save you money on these exact expenses. Safe Eco Fuel presents hydrogen for cars and trucks of most sizes . Depending on your car, you will be able to do 700 klm instead of the 400 you do today without our system . We already know the strength and ability of hydrogen in science, but here you can see it work for you in terms of real mileage and economy.

Our product follows European CE rules and regulations.Our product allows you to save on fuel economically by saving gas up to 50%. The lowest we have seen is 30% in the worst case scenario! Not only in the city but also on the highway.Our product through hydrogen lowers the engine temperature which means a longer life for the engine while keeping it smoother running also.

 Due to Hydrogen's power, combustion is not only cleaner, up to 80% to be exact, but also will surprise you with its lift of power which you will feel immediately from the first mile of driving.

   Our system can be used with most engines using diesel, gasoline, natural gas and LPG. Using our electrolysis Safe Eco Fuel uses technology that separates hydrogen from oxygen. We do this because otherwise most car engines will actually reverse what economy we are trying to achieve and waste more gas. Using our patented Pulse Width Modulator, KOH 99,9% pure, which is put into water making it

conductive to such an extent that it is capable of faster decomposition and the desired effect is the production of hydrogen.

We place our Hydrogen creator in the trunk, or boot of the vehicle and simply bring the hydrogen to the engine. Mixing both hydrogen and gasoline for instance we get what we have tried for years to accomplish, which simply is, cleaner, leaner fuel burning. This is turn means more miles per tank of fuel!

 Hydrogen has more than three times higher calorific value than other fuels that dominate the market. Imagine the ideal fuel booster which mixes with existing fuel and as a result burns less fuel than before. The management module of the vehicle ECU reveals results of combustion by means of sensors that reduces the consumption of the vehicle while increasing mileage.

 There is one limiting factor here and that is on most German cars this does not happen, meaning our system works with systems which allow us to use fuel using hydrogen. If you're driving any other car on the road, you can expect a 30 to 50% in mileage on every tank of fuel.

Our system does no harm to the engine in any way

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